Why Is Node JS Becoming Popular Among Online Retailers?

Today, most of the retailers, who earlier had only e-commerce websites for their customers to shop online using a PC or a laptop, are now going mobile, as the industry has seen a surge in the mobile shoppers. Busy customers always look at quickly finishing off their shopping, in just few minutes’ time. When they have to shop on mobile; the loading time needs to very less. This is where Node JS plays a vital role to keep up with the pace of the customers. This smart technology makes the app ten times faster than other technologies, by decreasing the load time to a large extent.

On one hand, if the website becomes fast with less load time, the technology is also the best fit for e-retailers, who are running the same application across multiple devices. Node JS can build data intensive apps that can run seamlessly across multiple devices in real-time by displaying the content in a hastily consistent manner.

Node JS makes development process a cake walk. There are several modules in this for an instant use. No wonder smart developers prefer to adopt this technology for development today, as it does not need them to build application from the scratch. This has helped developers in decreasing the time for development and retailers in getting the app in the shortest duration of time.

Adopting Node JS has significantly increased the productivity as the applications are written in JavaScript. Thus, front end developers can easily understand how and where to make required changes in the application and this is saving a lot of their time. Retailers can quickly get the app enhanced with all the required features integrated. Also, the app can provide the best customer experience.

No matter how good the design of the e-commerce mobile app is or how robust the development of the e-commerce website is, SEO is what is of utmost importance to any e-commerce business, for their website to get ranked high on the Google search result page, to catch the attention of the customers by appearing on the first page and among top ten. Node JS can easily help keep this traffic without increasing the load time. For example, Walmart, one of the leading e-retailers is using Node JS and they were able to get 500 million page views on Black Friday without any hassles.

Node JS reduces the page loading time to more than half. Busy customers, who want to finish off shopping in minutes, expect a page to load in maximum five seconds’ time and this urgency can be fulfilled easily.

Node JS supports agile development. The app can be easily modified for new requirements without much effort, while other traditional technologies are rigid and this makes it very difficult when a new feature or an enhancement has to be made. The main feature of agile development is developing the app in installments. The technology gives this flexibility to developers, where they can break the entire application into several groups. So, when a change is needed in a particular group, it can be easily made without disturbing the entire application.

Owing to all these flexibilities and the scalability that Node JS is offering to developers, no wonder the technology is occupying a significant place in the field of e-commerce web development and retail industry, fetching all the attention of e-commerce developers and retailers today.

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