4 Importances of Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising offers the best way of communicating to online visitors. Advertising helps to inform customers about products and/or services that are available for sale by the business. Advertising seeks to target everybody including the old, young and kids. It is performed using various types of media with different methods and techniques that are most suited. The importance of advertising includes:

· Important to customers

Advertisement plays an important role in the life of customers. Therefore, you cannot imagine radio, newspapers or television without an advertisement. Customers get to buy a product and/or service after they have been informed about the availability of the product/service in the market.

In case a product or service is not advertised the customers will not be in a place to know the product is available for sale. As a result, they will not be able to purchase the products or service even if the product/service had the capacity of benefiting them.

· Importance to buyers

Advertising helps buyers to discover the best products and/or services for themselves, their family and their kids. When they discover that they are various products intended to serve the same purpose they will be in a position to compare the products/service to purchase so that they may be in a position to get the right products/service without wasting their valuable money. Therefore, advertising is very important for the buyers.

· Important for the businesses producing the product

Advertising is very important to the sellers and producers because it helps in increasing sales. In addition, advertising helps producers or the suppliers to know more about the competitors to plan in meeting the competition. In case any company seeks to launch or introduce a new product/service in the market, then advertising plays an important role in launching the product. Advertising helps to make the people to be well informed about the new product to try to encourage the consumers to try the product.

Advertising also helps in generating goodwill for the business. Customer loyalty grows after arriving at a mature age. Furthermore, the demand for products and/or services keeps growing with advertising. As a result demand and supply is a progressive process.

· Important to the society

Advertising plays an important role in educating people. Some social issues are captured including child labor, smoking, girl child killing, family planning education, liquor consumption, etc. Therefore, advertising has its role in society.

Over the last decade, many more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of advertising such as LED screen. Advertising campaigns play an important role in raising brand awareness, boosting sales and improving profits in an effective way.

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